Hide Me From Me

Hide me from me
Reflections in the mirror
I don’t want to see.
A ghostly corridor
Before the astral me

Reaches in darkness.
Beyond this limbo,
An expanse of lightness.
When shall I go
To that heavenly address?


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The Sun Dials

“The Sun Dials”

An intergalactic collect call
Though operators can’t direct
The connection is clear
About the truth of what’s constant
A love. A a vow. A hope.

– January 27th, 2017

Weather the Weather

“Weather the Weather”

Overcast skies and overcast mind

Over and under, through clouds of all kinds

Whether to weather the weather or whether

To blow the man down or keep it together

The North Star you’ll stay, twinkling and bright

These storms I can brave with your light every night

– September 9, 2013

The Thought of it All

“The Thought of it All”

Remembering a moment and savoring the thought

A sweet, sublime melody cornered and caught

Finely construed over the distance time passes

The bluest of skies and the greenest of grasses

This counterpoint nuanced and cadences written

Oh, polished recall! Oh, memory smitten!

– September 9, 2013



Zoned out on a Monday morning

While the college station drones on,

A deep grumbling from hastily

Consumed buttered toast and coffee

Bubbles to the surface—a burp.


Passionless bleats from zombiefied

Speed demons wake me from my trance.

Where am I? How did I get here?

But then the engine’s lullaby

Returns me to my hypnosis.


One among the staggering horde

I traverse the city daily,

Sighing sad, cacophonous groans

Until finally the last vestige

Of the fortieth hour vanishes.

– August 8, 2013

Prayer for Kitty

“Prayer for Kitty”

Pretty kitty, nice kitty

Wherever you go

Whoever you’ll meet

God will guide always

Your pink padded feet


All the kitty naps

All the balls of yarn

You’re God’s welcome guest

At home on His lap

Content, purring, blessed

– August 15, 2013

Yet Another Eternity

“Yet Another Eternity”

The time sink of twilight thrusts forth

An eternity of stasis.

Streaked light, blurred sight, proves daunting

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Speed of Mind

“Speed of Mind”

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The Resolution

“The Resolution”

Conversational tension wherein lies all our emotions.

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Pedal to the Metal

“Pedal to the Metal”


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Intricacy of Perception

“Intricacy of Perception”

 A diff’rent mind with diff’rent thoughts –

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