#199 Out to Lurch

Out to Lurch


Hi guys, sorry for the late post, but you know how it is. When you’re a zombie, it’s so difficult to get moving.¬†However, with The Walking Dead coming back this weekend, I’m sure I can rally my mental and physical abilities to get on the couch and watch this show.


#196 Turndown Service

Turndown Service


Cats. Passive aggressive as hell. Best way to get a cat to do something is to¬†interrupt whatever he’s doing.

194 Loot Schmoot 15JAN2015 - 300dpi

Loot Schmoot


Not sure what’s going on here, but the real life me scored some pretty good loot, including, but not limited to some 18 year old Glenlivet. Thanks future father-in-law for enabling my tastes. Don’t worry, I’ll enable yours too.

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193 Rear Window 12JAN2015 - 300dpi

Rear Window


Disposing of a Christmas tree is like disposing a body. You wrap it up in some big garbage bags and toss it in the dumpsters…or as people do, leave it on the sidewalk so that hoodlums can light it on fire.

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190 Happy New Tears 01JAN2015 - 300dpi

Happy New Tears


You pet owners out there know what I’m talking about. This and July 4th may be the worst holidays for kitties and puppies.