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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

A dream journal entry from October 25th, 2004* Spiders, spiders, everywhere. In my clothes and in my hair. Trying to get to work but they’re Closing in..in. I make a dash for it as I use A Rafallo’s door menu to cut the webs through There are pirates on my mind and I don’t know why. […]

Weightlessness and Vodka Was Making Me Happy

A dream journal entry from October 18th, 2004, 4:44am*… I dreamed that a girl and I bought a bunch of vodka and went hiking in the Hollywood Hills.  I took a lot of effort because we weren’t prepared, were carrying simple water bottles. When we get to a shed, we met a lady doing some […]

Beleaguered Truth Book Review

Messenger has created a truly sociopathic, monster of a character Following the aftermath of the murders, election results, and sinister revelation in 2012’s Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder, author William Messenger dives deeper into the psyche of his characters in book two of his trilogy, Beleaguered Truth. Each of his primary characters is beleaguered by their […]