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“Monday” Zoned out on a Monday morning While the college station drones on, A deep grumbling from hastily Consumed buttered toast and coffee Bubbles to the surface—a burp.   Passionless bleats from zombiefied Speed demons wake me from my trance. Where am I? How did I get here? But then the engine’s lullaby Returns me […]

Prayer for Kitty

“Prayer for Kitty” Pretty kitty, nice kitty Wherever you go Whoever you’ll meet God will guide always Your pink padded feet   All the kitty naps All the balls of yarn You’re God’s welcome guest At home on His lap Content, purring, blessed – August 15, 2013

Yet Another Eternity

“Yet Another Eternity” The time sink of twilight thrusts forth An eternity of stasis. Streaked light, blurred sight, proves daunting The task of navigation at hand.