Batman Versus Superman: The Review

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opened in theaters last week and I finally got the chance to see it. The critical reviews are terrible. That combined with the extremely long running time (2 hours & 25 minutes!), made me even more wary. However, I’ve enjoyed of of Zack Snyder’s previous films. What was really […]

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Bat Affleck


George, we all know that Batman has TWO dimensions: Batman and Bruce Wayne.  Duh.

“A Bat Secret”

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God bless the movie magic that let’s filmmakers transform this tunnel into the entrance to the Bat Cave from the TV show. Needless to say, I was actually expecting a real cave. I mean, there are a couple of nooks and crannies in the tunnel, but to say that it’s a CAVE…not really.

“Surreal/So Real”

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So my friend told me about this dream she had…The worst part about these kinds of dreams is that you forget them a few minutes after you wake up. I used to have a journal right by my bed for just such occasions. In one dream, I was a transvestite Batman battling the dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. Maybe I should start keeping that journal again. Could help with the writers block.