215 Hounded Munch 26OCT2015 - 72dpi

Hounded Munch?

#215 Hounded Munch?

I usually don’t have too much of a problem sharing my stuff. But when it’s clear that you have your own and I have mine, I start to get a little frustrated.

209 Falling Awake 22SEPT2015 - 72dpi

Falling Awake

#209 Falling Awake

You know what they say, when the temperature is too hot, get out of the oven. But without any care, you’ll fall flat on your face.


207 Tail End 02MAR2015 - 300dpi

Tail End

#207 Tail End

When all you want to do is take a nap, but all you get is a butt in your face. However, it does serve Black Hat Cat right. Cats are notorious for putting their butt in your face whenever they’re trying to find a nice resting place.

Also, if you noticed, I’m trying to establish a running gag here. Too soon maybe?


#206 Cat Fighter

Cat Fighter

#206 Cat Fighter

What happens when you leave the animals to their own devices? You guessed it. Craziness. But seriously, this is a game that we’ve been playing for a few years now. My default answer is always “sleeping.” I think we need to set up some spy cams to figure it out.


#203 Sitting Dead

Sitting Dead


#203 Sitting Dead

Ever have one of those days? You try to be a good person and support your loved one, but they’re JUST. SO. BORING. What happened to them? How’d they get to be so boring? Did work really kill their spirit?

The boy character needs to harness some of that puppy love energy from the previous strip. Either way…


Drawing zombies is pretty fun.