165 Son of a What 11SEP2014

Son of a What


Okay, Son’s of Anarchy. OMG. WTF. Are you guys watching this show? Cuz if you’re not then you’re missing out. But if you are, then you’re messed up in the head like me. I mean, if it’s Kurt Sutter’s goal to show SAMCRO digging their grave for the rest of the season, then mission accomplished.  I can’t imagine any other outcome for this…well, I can imagine a lot. Aliens. Time travel. Zombies.

I’m also pretty excited for the shows airing this fall. How am I going to squeeze these into my life?


164 Doctor Huh 09SEP2014

Doctor Huh


I feel a little bad and sad that Doctor Who has lost it’s romance for me. Somehow Matt Smith’s adventures as the Doctor never really connected with me. Somebody online somewhere said that the writers forgot to make us care about the characters…all the stories are “let’s put the characters in these situations and see how they react.” The Dungeon Master style of story writing is good and all, but if it doesn’t mean anything, then what’s the point? Guess I’ll have to see how the new season does.

The real show to be excited about is the final season of Sons of Anarchy…that gives me an idea for a comic.

162 A Little Bird Told Me 01SEP2014

A Little Bird Told Me


True story.  Last year, we thought that installing a humming bird feeder was a good idea to amuse the cats.  However, against certain advice, the feeder was installed in a spot that could put the birds in a certain amount of danger.  Sure enough, within a few days George and Miss Muppet tag-teamed and successfully captured one.  Needless to say, I was a little horrified when I identified the mysterious brown lump that the two were so interested in.  Oops. Lesson learned though, pay attention to an animal’s nature.

161 Heya Bubs 28AUG2014

Heya Bubs


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Sanrio has confirmed that Hello Kitty is NOT a a cat. She’s a little British girl who speaks from the heart. Weird. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea, but I guess it makes sense? She’s wearing a mask? Her “cat ears” are really a hairstyle? She’s from an alternate universe…or the future?