184 I Spy Little Fly 22DEC2014 - 300dpi

I Spy Little Fly


Ruh, roh. Cats and Christmas.
Not sure these two things should together exist!
Chasing flies and running around.
What comes up must come…

128 Purrry Christmas 17DEC2012

Purrry Christmas

You know how cats are always trying to get your attention, then when you give it to them, they don’t want it? So you stop, then they start up again?  Then when you give it to them again, they stop again.  Love this stoopid arsehole.
117 Happy Borg-day 12MAR2011

“Happy Borg-day”

More like NERD ALERT! The other ironic part of this comic is the my brother never answers is phone. Happy birthday broham.

“Thoughts Bowlin’ Over”

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Seriously though, I think about cats ALL the friggin’ time. Also, the entire Christmas vacation the only song my sister would sing was “All The Single Ladies.” Come to think of it, that’s what this comic is about, what we think about all the time. Man, does this make us totally lame?
Here’s more proof that my brother thinks about Star Trek all the time…
There he is on the right. HAH!

“The Other Texas Tea”

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One of the things we did as a family over Christmas was to go bowling. We like hanging out as a family, but for the first time we actually did stuff as a family. Two trips to the movies, bowling, eating out a couple times, drinking and playing Wii. Like whoa! We must be entering a new era in the development of our family. What’s going to happen when the kids start bringing home their kids.
That’s too far in the future to imagine (though, not really).
Also, I think Jay really won the game.