“Life of a Cat”

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My brother was telling me that there is a parasite the lives in cats. In order for this parasite to reproduce, it somehow manages to infect mice. This infection causes mice to have an affinity for cats rather than their normal behavior. Apparently, this parasite can live in humans and can possibly explain why we have crazy cat ladies. Though one study only found a correlation between this parasite and reckless driving.
Could this parasite have been the cause of me crashing my car months ago? Sounds like BS.

“The Accident, Part 4”

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So Inna requested that I make another comic in The Accident story arc. She felt that there was no resolution. She’s probably right. Here is the comic that attempts to fill those shoes.
When I showed this to her this morning she said the same thing. I guess it’s tough to figure out the resolution if it hasn’t happened in real life. I guess you will all have to wait…or until I figure out something clever.
Also, it’s hard to be creative when you only have 4 images of yourself behind the wheel, and in each photo you’re making the same face. I’m such a terrible actor.

“The Accident, Part 3”

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So, this is the last comic in this story arc. I know that puking rainbows is a little over used, but whatever. I don’t care. It’s funny to me and that’s what matters, right? Why am I even asking you if I don’t care.
Anyway, long story short, the insurance company said that I was at fault. I suck. And now I’m out of a car for a while. Oh no, I can drive it, I just can’t shut the windows.

“The Accident, Part 1”

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So, earlier in November I got into a wreck. It wasn’t that bad and I’m being a complete pussy for claiming to be still emotionally damaged. But shit, don’t you guys realize how dangerous it is to be hurtling down a highway in a 2000+ pound machine next to other 2000+ pound machines? I suppose you can say the same thing about public transit. At least in your car you have some semblance of control. In the latter situation you place your trust completely in a public servant who might not even really care that much.
Anyway, I’m going to do a series based on my encounter.