“Over It”

Continuation comic from last week’s Staph Special. It makes me crazy when you bring home the left overs with all the intention to eat it, but it just sits there and sits there mocking you but you never work up the nerve or appetite to finish it off.

“Staph Special”

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Experimenting with new places to eat can be exciting and dangerous. Who knows whether or not the Yelp reviews are right? Reminds me of the time we went to eat at this waffle place on Sunset and Argyle. The pancakes were not done and the eggs were runny. Gross. Someone on Yelp said that they should’ve been called “The Awful”. Never going to eat there again. It was pure crapcrapium.

“Karaoke Mike”

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You know what’s amazing? Those karaoke machines that are crammed into the microphone. Brilliant. Whatever Filipino invented that is karaoke-ing all the way to the bank. But seriously, don’t you just hate it when they don’t have the song you want to sing even though it’s super common and popular? Jerks.

“Same Old, Same Old”

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These changes in priorities are making me a one note character in my own show. It’s a little depressing to think that all I do is one thing. And I don’t even do it that well. Sure, I can write some neat little tunes that are fun, but then what? I watch TV. I eat burgers. I drink beer. There’s nothing wrong with that right? Can I just enjoy a nice good sit? Being older and worrying about shit is not cool.

“Shut Down”

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I suddenly feel really dirty for making this comic. But all you out there who listen to that song know what I’m talking about. Guilty pleasure.

“Mums the Word”

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It’s Mother’s Day today. Not sure my mom ever officially said these things, but if you think about it, everything a mom tells you to do when you’re a kid, you have to do when you’re a grown up. It makes you a good grown up. I hope that I’m one. I feel like I suck.

I love you mom.

“A Bat Secret”

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God bless the movie magic that let’s filmmakers transform this tunnel into the entrance to the Bat Cave from the TV show. Needless to say, I was actually expecting a real cave. I mean, there are a couple of nooks and crannies in the tunnel, but to say that it’s a CAVE…not really.