145 Bat Affleck 26AUG2013

Bat Affleck


George, we all know that Batman has TWO dimensions: Batman and Bruce Wayne.  Duh.

140 Crazy Is The New Sane 13AUG2013

Crazy Is The New Sane


In addition, George is always up in Bubba’s business.  You know, writing poems, chivalrously throwing pie, holding hands at the movies, etc.  It’ll be beautiful if only Bubba would be open to it.
139 Call of CAThulhu 09AUG2013

Call of CAThulhu

A blood sacrifice, duh.

True story, though.  The neighbors are always stomping around upstairs having mysterious gatherings, the majority of which are rhythmic ceremonial rituals.

Maybe one day I’ll be invited to pay tribute to our dark lord and to plead that he bring forth the end of civilization.

132 A Royal Pain 24JUL2013

A Royal Pain

Bonus comic for today!  Figured I’d take partake in the royal baby craziness.  I actually had this conversation today.  And as you know, there is always a certain amount of context lost when texting.
129 No Butts About It 19JUL2013

No Butts About It


Wieners and butts.  Heh, heh.
Last year I went to to the dachshund races in Huntington Beach with some friends.  Talk about silliness to the max!  Fun, laughs, beers, and weird little dogs racing.  The dog we were rooting for, actually won the tournament.  Maybe we’ll go back this year.