127 A Piece of Peace 14OCT2012

A Piece of Peace

Huzzah! A new comic after the better part of a year and a half.  A lot of stuff has changed.  Number one change is that I got a dog.  Dogs are weird.  Stay tuned.
126 Cooped Up 22JUL2011

“Cooped Up”

Sorry for the long delay between comics. We recently got a PS3 and a big ass TV, so now we’re perpetually watching Netflix and playing video games. Who’s got time to goof off on the internet when there’s so much entertainment to be had!

But seriously, remember the old days when you could still watch a show even though the reception wasn’t great? Sometimes you could get a sexy channel and make out just enough picture and just enough sound. Nowadays it’s all or nothing. If there’s no picture, there’s no sound.

A conversation that Inna and I always have is criticizing the companies who advertise “we can help you save money, buy our book or watch our program.” Of course, step one is always to identify what you’re spending on stuff you don’t need. Usually it’s some kind of cable TV. Really? Who NEEDS it? I’m sure you know someone out there who’s barely making it, yet they’ve got all the channels they’ll never need plus the premium channels they’ll never watch. Then you see that they’ve all got fancy cell phones…really?

Anyway, chickens need TV too.

124 From the Gospel of Mulder 26MAY2011

“From the Gospel of Mulder”

We’ve been (re)watching a lot of X-Files episode recently, but even before the show I’m sure some of you have already drawn the same conclusion. I mean, c’mon! Even modern scientists are exploring the idea that life on Earth originated from a foreign source…
On top of God being an alien, Jesus is also an alien…but a different one. Pretty sure it’s going to turn out that Doctor Who was Jesus the entire time. Thousands of years of broken telephone has changed the story. Which brings us to today. Why hasn’t the Doctor returned to save us from ourselves?
118 It's About Time 22MAR2011

“It’s About Time”

Audio only communication is soooo primitive. Ground based transportation and fossil fuels will be the next to go.
117 Happy Borg-day 12MAR2011

“Happy Borg-day”

More like NERD ALERT! The other ironic part of this comic is the my brother never answers is phone. Happy birthday broham.
116 Goin Nowhere 05MAR2011

“Goin’ Nowhere”

It’s true. Aggie doesn”t really get along with George. She tolerates him, but whenever he tries to make friends she loses it and gets into a fighting mood. Except that the funny part is that she doesn’t fight. She just makes a lot of complaining noises while he harasses her. She tries to run, but he’s persistent. And more complaining noises. Finally George gets bored and she can have some peace and quiet…for 2 minutes.