115 Counting the Minutes 23FEB2011

“Counting the Minutes”

Hahaha. Gross. Pretty sure this violates Article 60 of the Bro Code.
Comic is a little late in posting because my dad’s birthday was last week. But he flat out asked me on the phone if I was going to make a comic for his birthday. I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I had to. Just had to. So here we are. Better late than never. Happy birthday Dad.
111 White Whores 28JAN2011

“White Whores”


I think I’ve finally found my bar in Los Angeles. It only took 9 years to find with the help of my Happy Hour Gang. Definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been to.
109 Loss of Translation 24JAN2011

“Loss of Translation”

I got a message from my pal from Seattle suggesting a script for a comic. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever talked on the phone. Usually we communicate over websites and email, but never over phone.

And now that the iPhone is available Verizon, those of you who are switching over from AT&T can appreciate the representation of our troubles. Personally, I haven’t had too many problems with it…but then again I’ve never been on any other network since I started using cell phones.

See also #110 “Digital You, Digital Me” and #144 “Long Time, Long Speak”

“From Foot to Mouth”

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At the risk of being weird, I’m going to tell you that meals in my family inevitably gravitate towards poop. We’re a bunch of potty mouths. But, COME ON! Poop is hilarious.

“Fuel for Flight”

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I can never stay awake on a flight. The second the plane starts to take off my eyes start getting heavy. Then, once we’re in the air, it’s lights out. I can’t help it.


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What with all this talk about losing our privacy in exchange for safe flight, I’m still nervous. Not sure I’m into a full body scan, but I’m not sure I’m into strip search. Flying is too convenient. Damn. Lose – lose maybe? I dunno. I have nothing to hide. Just my wiener.

“Cesspool of Life”

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So, it’s pretty amazing that they found this arsenic bacteria. Huge implications on how life is built or how it adapts and evolves or where it can thrive. Diaper in a tide pool, anyone?