142 A Serious Case 19AUG2013

A Serious Case


Apparently, this is what the vet told my friend, Lindsey, when she took Meatball for a check up.  That same vet said something similar to me years ago when I took in my old cat, Tucker, in for a check up.  He said that sometimes orange cats have mental problems.
141 Commuter Snail 15AUG2013

Commuter Snail


No kidding, it took me 2 hours to travel 15 miles to get home yesterday.  That’s an average of 7.5 mph?!?! :_(
138 Stare Case 07AUG2013

Stare Case


This is very unfortunate for the cats.  Kind of annoying that the dog some how has managed to steal all the attention all the time.  Give me a break for a second, pup, and let me hang out with the cats.  It’s not always about you.  Psh, dogs.  😛
135 Cool It 31JUL2013

Cool It


I’m not sure whether or not Miss Muppet just likes cats or she thinks that cats are dogs…I think it’s the former of the two.  Or maybe George is a special case with her.  Whenever he starts hunting flies, she joins in on the action…like they’re a tag team or something.


Here is a video.


129 No Butts About It 19JUL2013

No Butts About It


Wieners and butts.  Heh, heh.
Last year I went to to the dachshund races in Huntington Beach with some friends.  Talk about silliness to the max!  Fun, laughs, beers, and weird little dogs racing.  The dog we were rooting for, actually won the tournament.  Maybe we’ll go back this year.
127 A Piece of Peace 14OCT2012

A Piece of Peace

Huzzah! A new comic after the better part of a year and a half.  A lot of stuff has changed.  Number one change is that I got a dog.  Dogs are weird.  Stay tuned.

“Serious Black”

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Stereotypes exist for a reason…because at some point in history THAT person was a real. I’m just sayin’.