142 A Serious Case 19AUG2013

A Serious Case


Apparently, this is what the vet told my friend, Lindsey, when she took Meatball for a check up.  That same vet said something similar to me years ago when I took in my old cat, Tucker, in for a check up.  He said that sometimes orange cats have mental problems.

“Staph Special”

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Experimenting with new places to eat can be exciting and dangerous. Who knows whether or not the Yelp reviews are right? Reminds me of the time we went to eat at this waffle place on Sunset and Argyle. The pancakes were not done and the eggs were runny. Gross. Someone on Yelp said that they should’ve been called “The Awful”. Never going to eat there again. It was pure crapcrapium.

“A Bat Secret”

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God bless the movie magic that let’s filmmakers transform this tunnel into the entrance to the Bat Cave from the TV show. Needless to say, I was actually expecting a real cave. I mean, there are a couple of nooks and crannies in the tunnel, but to say that it’s a CAVE…not really.

“What’s Your Angle?”

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It’s pretty much the end of 2009. Did things really change over this year? One of my favorite sayings is “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” For starters, it’ll be almost 2 years since Inna and I moved into our apartment in Hollywood (we don’t live in the apartment pictured). Second, it’ll be 5 years since we started dating. Holy shiznit!
Last thought: Heh, girls and their haircuts.