My Adventures in Comics

#255 Well, Sh*t

# 265 Well, Sh*t

My hands are either always super sweaty or super dry, never anything in between. The super dryness makes picking up dog poop extremely difficult. You guys know.

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Since I had no confidence in my drawing skills, I figured I’d take a bunch of photos and organize them into a comic strip. Everything about the comic was inspired by real life. However, it started to get difficult telling a story or writing a joke around photos and it felt like I was doing everything backwards.

So, at the end of 2014, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a joke first, then drawing. Thus, the comic was reborn. Though it seemed simple enough, I wondered if I could keep it up regularly. And now, here we are.

My Adventures in Comics is A COMPLETELY FICTIONAL strip inspired by life, love, family, work, cats & dogs, and music.

Tools: pencil, pens, paper, and Comic Life program.

(c) Nicholas Santillan