Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder Book Review

It’s these characters that draw you in…

Shattered Triangle by William Messenger

I first read SHATTERED TRIANGLE when the first edition came out a couple years ago. It is an easily consumed, yet compelling murder mystery by a local Los Angeles author, William Messenger. The prose tends to be overly concerned with descriptions and the minute historical details of Los Angeles, which often time overshadows what is happening in the story. However, the plot is less about whodunit than it is about the intricate characters, their backstories, and well thought out motivations. In addition, all the attention to detail creates a real sense of place that the characters inhabit. In the end, it’s these characters that draw you in.

SHATTERED TRIANGLE is a good first novel and a good read. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with the characters in the recently released sequel BELEAGUERED TRUTH.

★★★★ 4.0 out of 5 stars

SHATTERED TRIANGLE is available from Black Rose Writing.

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