Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

A dream journal entry from October 25th, 2004*

Spiders Spiders Everywhere (Image)Spiders, spiders, everywhere.
In my clothes and in my hair.
Trying to get to work but they’re
Closing in..in.

I make a dash for it as I use
A Rafallo’s door menu to cut the webs through

There are pirates on my mind and I don’t know why.

Then we were on a quest to find Excalibur. Running through a  graveyard with lots of ornamental tombs and mausoleums. The winner got to be king. I found a sword in a stone, but i turned out to be Anti-Arthur’s sword. about a hundred of us finally made it to the building and in the courtroom, we all sat on the dance floor and waited for the All Powerful Oz to pass judgement. But we knew it was God and not Oz.

* Since this was written the moment I woke up, I had to do some editing to make it coherent.

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