Outer Space Vacation

A dream journal entry from December 7th, 2004*…

Outer Space Vacation (Image)I dreamed that the family was taking a vacation to outer space. Packing was a very big deal. I kept packing and wearing the wrong clothes. I wanted to wear my Incredibles t-shirt, but couldn’t. Then I realized that I was wearing it underneath everything.

The spaceship was about to launch and I couldn’t decide what sweater or jacket to wear, but I finally decided to wear ALL of my sweater and ALL of my jackets. I also decided to bring my back because Space Travel is Boring**.

Before hand we had a huge party and there were lots of eggs. Half of the eggs turned out to be chicks and the other half turned out to be puppies. We put them all in my backpack and left them on the grass where we had the party.

The airplane/spaceship crashed and we were trying to find cover from another plane about to crash. She didn’t know how to crash. Our ship hadn’t exploded yet and couldn’t because the other pilot sought cover from her own exploding vessel in ours.

* Since this was written the moment I woke up, I had to do some editing to make it coherent.
** I must've listened to a lot of Modest Mouse in 2004.
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