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#221 Questions & Answers

Conducting interviews is the worst. I can certainly ask questions and “get to know” someone, but when it comes down to deciding who is right for the team, I have no idea. Does it always boil down to gut feeling? Am I forgetting to consider all the factors?

In case you didn’t understand the joke, it’s from a classic Dungeons & Dragons scenario. The Dungeon Master describes the situation and the players have to decide what is the best course of action. The number one rule in surviving a dungeon is to always check for traps.

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer, but it gives insights into a person’s personality. I asked several people this question at an interview recently and here were their answers:

  1. 1. I Take the Treasure and run.
  2. 2. How did I get in the room? Why is there treasure?
  3. 3. Where are the cameras?

Person #1 is the Risk Taker. Get things done now and deal with the consequences later.

Person #2 is the Cautious Problem Solver. He or she wants to know all the details of the problem before deciding on a course of action.

Person #3 is the Cynic. This person is concerned with how his or her actions are perceived by the Big Brother

If you have any interview tips, that I can’t Google, let me know.

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