No One Survives the Dead of Winter

In May of last year (2016) the coworkers and I decided to test out the heavily themed and complicated Dead of Winter, which simulates The Walking Dead. Except that it’s in winter time, so the stakes are a little bit higher.  You’re already familiar with the story: a group of people are holed up somewhere and […]

A Dungeons and Dragons Christmas, Season 5

Every year for the last five years, I’ve been hosting a Dungeons & Dragons Christmas adventure wherein the players either experience something Christmas related, or save Santa, or something like that. Past adventures have included Christmas of the Dead (1st), The Evil that Stole Christmas (2nd), Santa vs. The Mind Flayers (3rd), and An Elder Evil Carol (4th). This […]

221 Questions and Answers 01FEB2016 - 72dpi

Questions and Answers

#221 Questions & Answers

Conducting interviews is the worst. I can certainly ask questions and “get to know” someone, but when it comes down to deciding who is right for the team, I have no idea. Does it always boil down to gut feeling? Am I forgetting to consider all the factors?

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164 Doctor Huh 09SEP2014

Doctor Huh


I feel a little bad and sad that Doctor Who has lost it’s romance for me. Somehow Matt Smith’s adventures as the Doctor never really connected with me. Somebody online somewhere said that the writers forgot to make us care about the characters…all the stories are “let’s put the characters in these situations and see how they react.” The Dungeon Master style of story writing is good and all, but if it doesn’t mean anything, then what’s the point? Guess I’ll have to see how the new season does.

The real show to be excited about is the final season of Sons of Anarchy…that gives me an idea for a comic.

“Dungeon Mistress”

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So we started playing Dungeons and Dragons…every Dungeon Master has encountered this same dilemma at some time or another.