A Dungeons and Dragons Christmas, Season 5

Every year for the last five years, I’ve been hosting a Dungeons & Dragons Christmas adventure wherein the players either experience something Christmas related, or save Santa, or something like that. Past adventures have included Christmas of the Dead (1st), The Evil that Stole Christmas (2nd), Santa vs. The Mind Flayers (3rd), and An Elder Evil Carol (4th). This […]

Working in Pawnee

IT’S BEEN ALMOST A YEAR SINCE I’VE QUIT THE FILM BUSINESS, which isn’t to say I didn’t like it. But it’s nice to have some variety as well as being able to prove that my experience translates. The coolest part about my current job is my team. I think we’ve hit a real stride in […]

“Cooped Up”

Sorry for the long delay between comics. We recently got a PS3 and a big ass TV, so now we’re perpetually watching Netflix and playing video games. Who’s got time to goof off on the internet when there’s so much entertainment to be had! But seriously, remember the old days when you could still watch […]

“Brothers Are Wii”

Click photo for larger image Watching my brothers play video games is pretty hilarious. Things get heated really fast and it’s always the controller’s fault of the game doesn’t go right. I mean, c’mon! Friggin’ thing needs batteries. We tried to rent the new Mario Kart, but it was all sold out everywhere…So, monster truck […]