163 Cupcake Yupcake 05SEP2014

Cupcake, Yupcake


If Diana’s parents had never visited last week, this cupcake photo may have become lost for all eternity. ¬†The truth of the matter is that you never know when you’re going to accidentally photobomb a nice family moment. ¬†Accidental photobombs are the best, am I right?
Dear Anya, I hope you see the photo one day and ask “WTF”? PS. That was one tasty cupcake.

117 Happy Borg-day 12MAR2011

“Happy Borg-day”

More like NERD ALERT! The other ironic part of this comic is the my brother never answers is phone. Happy birthday broham.
115 Counting the Minutes 23FEB2011

“Counting the Minutes”

Hahaha. Gross. Pretty sure this violates Article 60 of the Bro Code.
Comic is a little late in posting because my dad’s birthday was last week. But he flat out asked me on the phone if I was going to make a comic for his birthday. I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I had to. Just had to. So here we are. Better late than never. Happy birthday Dad.

“Who Wants What?”

Click photo for larger image.

Whelp, it looks like my 100th comic is a birthday comic for Sarah. Didn’t really have a lot of photos in my collection or a joke in mind. Happy birthday Sarah.

PS. This is technically the 102nd comic, since there were two prototype comics before I actually started counting.

“Same Old, Same Old”

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These changes in priorities are making me a one note character in my own show. It’s a little depressing to think that all I do is one thing. And I don’t even do it that well. Sure, I can write some neat little tunes that are fun, but then what? I watch TV. I eat burgers. I drink beer. There’s nothing wrong with that right? Can I just enjoy a nice good sit? Being older and worrying about shit is not cool.

“Patty in the USA”

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So today is my teenage sister’s birthday. Yeah and I guess she likes Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Go figure? Happy birthday sis.