168 Naked is the New Black 23SEP2014

Naked is the New Black


I don’t know how it happened, but Diana and I spent 8 hours watching Naked & Afraid, which, apparently, has been on for 3 seasons. THREE SEASONS! How’d that happen? And after doing some quick research, the contestants don’t win any prizes. Well, I guess they can win the prize of malaria or some other tropic disease. Yikes!

But, watching the show really puts into perspective how weak we are compared to animals the wild. Sure we can do pretty well, if we’re part of a society or team, but if you’re alone, then you’re basically doomed. As we like to say in Dungeons & Dragons: “Never spilt the party.”

What’s better to bring with you besides a machete or axe: a fire starting kit or a pot?

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163 Cupcake Yupcake 05SEP2014

Cupcake, Yupcake


If Diana’s parents had never visited last week, this cupcake photo may have become lost for all eternity.  The truth of the matter is that you never know when you’re going to accidentally photobomb a nice family moment.  Accidental photobombs are the best, am I right?
Dear Anya, I hope you see the photo one day and ask “WTF”? PS. That was one tasty cupcake.

155 Shut Down 04OCT2013

Shut Down

Cuz, you know, the government is run by pasty aliens in bondage outfits who are simply toying with our very existence.