240 Dawn of a Mew Day

Dawn of a Mew Day

#240 Dawn of a Mew Day

If you are ever thinking about getting a cat, the only real thing to keep in mind is that they are creatures of ritual and habit.

Without fail, the cats always wake us up at 5am to be fed. Whenever my wife’s alarm goes off in the morning, one of the cats rushes into the bedroom for cuddle time. Whenever the shower door is open, the other cat always jumps in.

Doesn’t matter though. I love the little guys.

238 Waiting


#238 Waiting

One of these days I’ll get a spy cam so that I can see what the animals are doing while we’re gone.  I’m sure it’s exactly like this.

235 Still In Bed

Still In Bed

#235 Still In Bed

I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again, and again, and again that one of the best feelings in the world is having a cat on you. Time stops. Enjoy the warmth. The weight. It’s an exercise in patience and stress management. Whatever you might have going on, have to do, or need to deal with can wait.

On a different note, in reality the roles in the comic are often switched.  My wife is usually the one who struggles with the idea of disturbing the cat by getting out of bed.  The cats don’t normally like to relax on me for an extended amount of time. There are only a few special conditions which allow it.

232 Love Is...

Love Is…

#232 Love Is…

Remember when the phrase “Netflix & chill” entered the vernacular? Sure it was a euphemism, but I don’t think the young’uns actually understand its implications completely. Maybe it’s because I’m well in my 30s…was it ever “DVD & chill” or “VHS & chill”?

Baby, all I want to do is to fall asleep while watching TV with you. Love is…


209 Falling Awake 22SEPT2015 - 72dpi

Falling Awake

#209 Falling Awake

You know what they say, when the temperature is too hot, get out of the oven. But without any care, you’ll fall flat on your face.


207 Tail End 02MAR2015 - 300dpi

Tail End

#207 Tail End

When all you want to do is take a nap, but all you get is a butt in your face. However, it does serve Black Hat Cat right. Cats are notorious for putting their butt in your face whenever they’re trying to find a nice resting place.

Also, if you noticed, I’m trying to establish a running gag here. Too soon maybe?


#206 Cat Fighter

Cat Fighter

#206 Cat Fighter

What happens when you leave the animals to their own devices? You guessed it. Craziness. But seriously, this is a game that we’ve been playing for a few years now. My default answer is always “sleeping.” I think we need to set up some spy cams to figure it out.


#204 Zom-BDSM



#204 Zom-BDSM

Kind of wanted to watch 50 Shades of Grey last weekend during LOVERS WEEKEND, but didn’t really get the chance to. However, this weekend is Hot Tub Time Machine 2! We are both totally stoked. Really enjoyed the first one when I accidentally watched it at a friends house…I mean, it wasn’t an accident because I proposed it.  Just bummed that I never got to see the it when it was first in theaters.  But now, yaaay!