246 Headspace



I don’t know about you, but for me it’s extremely difficult to get anything done when someone or some people are watching over your shoulder. Can’t concentrate. Feel cramped. Feel stressed. Creation and inspiration require space and freedom.

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238 Waiting


#238 Waiting

One of these days I’ll get a spy cam so that I can see what the animals are doing while we’re gone.  I’m sure it’s exactly like this.

218 A Slave Girl to Fashion 29OCT2015 - 72dpi

A Slave Girl To Fashion

#218 Slave Girl For Fashion

My wife and I have an inside joke…that we’re the monster and I’m the robot. I should’ve drawn the boy character as C3P0 instead. Would’ve still made sense since he was Jabba’s slave too.

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Star Cats

#217 Star Cats

217 Star Cats page 1 215 Star Cats page 2

I think it’s so cool when my favorite comics or TV shows have Halloween episodes where all the characters are dressed up. So, I thought I’d give it a shot by drawing the characters as someone else. Right? I mean, why not do something more fantastical? And there’s nothing more fantastical than Star Wars. I hope you enjoyed it.

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215 Hounded Munch 26OCT2015 - 72dpi

Hounded Munch?

#215 Hounded Munch?

I usually don’t have too much of a problem sharing my stuff. But when it’s clear that you have your own and I have mine, I start to get a little frustrated.

209 Falling Awake 22SEPT2015 - 72dpi

Falling Awake

#209 Falling Awake

You know what they say, when the temperature is too hot, get out of the oven. But without any care, you’ll fall flat on your face.


207 Tail End 02MAR2015 - 300dpi

Tail End

#207 Tail End

When all you want to do is take a nap, but all you get is a butt in your face. However, it does serve Black Hat Cat right. Cats are notorious for putting their butt in your face whenever they’re trying to find a nice resting place.

Also, if you noticed, I’m trying to establish a running gag here. Too soon maybe?