218 A Slave Girl to Fashion 29OCT2015 - 72dpi

A Slave Girl To Fashion

#218 Slave Girl For Fashion

My wife and I have an inside joke…that we’re the monster and I’m the robot. I should’ve drawn the boy character as C3P0 instead. Would’ve still made sense since he was Jabba’s slave too.

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Star Cats

#217 Star Cats

217 Star Cats page 1 215 Star Cats page 2

I think it’s so cool when my favorite comics or TV shows have Halloween episodes where all the characters are dressed up. So, I thought I’d give it a shot by drawing the characters as someone else. Right? I mean, why not do something more fantastical? And there’s nothing more fantastical than Star Wars. I hope you enjoyed it.

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172 A Trick or Treat 07OCT2014 - 72dpi

A Trick or Treat?

So, this comic is a slight exaggeration. We both agreed that it would be hilarious to do the old switcheroo. And if you know me well enough, I’m not against getting dressed up…for theatrical purposes only of course. 😀

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“Keep It In Mind, Part 2”

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…and then Grandma and Zombie started a rock band together.

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Thus concludes the Halloween comics. I promise that I’ll figure out how to tell a good continuous story over several strips. See you on Monday.

“Keep It In Mind, Part 1”

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Inna decided to be a zombie for Halloween. Not exactly sure what happened, but I found myself with a lot of bite marks the next day. Thankfully I haven’t transformed.

“The Worst Halloween”

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Didn’t really feel Halloween this year, probably because we did the whole dress up thing a week before. Not sure I’ve ever felt it, but I do enjoy the idea of dressing up and costumes. Guess you can say that people who are opposed to doing anything at all should remove the fingers from their butts too. 🙂

Well, at any rate, it’s always a good excuse to wear my TOS uniform.