#206 Cat Fighter

Cat Fighter

#206 Cat Fighter

What happens when you leave the animals to their own devices? You guessed it. Craziness. But seriously, this is a game that we’ve been playing for a few years now. My default answer is always “sleeping.” I think we need to set up some spy cams to figure it out.


172 A Trick or Treat 07OCT2014 - 72dpi

A Trick or Treat?

So, this comic is a slight exaggeration. We both agreed that it would be hilarious to do the old switcheroo. And if you know me well enough, I’m not against getting dressed up…for theatrical purposes only of course. 😀

However, this only Continue reading

111 White Whores 28JAN2011

“White Whores”


I think I’ve finally found my bar in Los Angeles. It only took 9 years to find with the help of my Happy Hour Gang. Definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been to.

“Shut Down”

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I suddenly feel really dirty for making this comic. But all you out there who listen to that song know what I’m talking about. Guilty pleasure.

“Smelly Good Time”

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Several people have mentioned that we are just like an older married couple because we don’t really go out or do anything. C’mon people?!?! Tell me that you’re ready to party evary day and evary night on the weekends after working a job. It only gets worse when you get older. Give me a hollaback my older-than-me friends.