231 What Meow?

What Meow?

#231 What Meow?

Have you worked on something for so long that you actually begin to hate how it’s turning out? And sometimes all you can do is polish a turd. Sometimes all you can do is come to terms with polishing that turd until it’s so smeared and spread out that it’s just everywhere and a mess. I guess, if that’s what they’re paying me for, right?

Now to get used to the smell.

116 Goin Nowhere 05MAR2011

“Goin’ Nowhere”

It’s true. Aggie doesn”t really get along with George. She tolerates him, but whenever he tries to make friends she loses it and gets into a fighting mood. Except that the funny part is that she doesn’t fight. She just makes a lot of complaining noises while he harasses her. She tries to run, but he’s persistent. And more complaining noises. Finally George gets bored and she can have some peace and quiet…for 2 minutes.

“From Foot to Mouth”

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At the risk of being weird, I’m going to tell you that meals in my family inevitably gravitate towards poop. We’re a bunch of potty mouths. But, COME ON! Poop is hilarious.

“Cesspool of Life”

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So, it’s pretty amazing that they found this arsenic bacteria. Huge implications on how life is built or how it adapts and evolves or where it can thrive. Diaper in a tide pool, anyone?

“Does Not Rock”

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So, the computer is back from the shop and I can post comics again. I was planning to post all the comics in the road trip to Albuquerque story line in September since it’s my brother’s birthday month. Oh well, guess it’ll just bleed into October.
This one is about poop too.