237 Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls

#237 Gossip Girls

Continuing the theme from last week of how time easily slips by…

Most of these activities we pursue are pretty much just excuses to hang out. And bout 90% of the time I’m fine with that. But, you know, sometimes I’d actually like to do the thing that we gathered to do. What if? This is a dangerous question.


#199 Out to Lurch

Out to Lurch


Hi guys, sorry for the late post, but you know how it is. When you’re a zombie, it’s so difficult to get moving. However, with The Walking Dead coming back this weekend, I’m sure I can rally my mental and physical abilities to get on the couch and watch this show.


181 Human Behavior 01DEC2014 - 72dpi

Human Behavior


Every time we have a get together with more than just a couple people, the cats hide out in the bedroom. Makes perfect sense, I guess. Cats are more introverted seeming and want to keep to themselves. I can relate a little. But once in a while they’ll come out of hiding to socialize. I don’t get cat behavior. They want what they want, when they want it.

However, on the topic of Thanksgiving, we recently took a spur of the moment trip to see Jim Jeffries perform at some casino in Palm Desert. It was well worth the trip because he is friggin’ hilarious. One of his bits at the show was to talk about Thanksgiving and the concept of “freedom”. Being an Australian, he started polling some Americans about the holiday. And what he learned was that we get to eat turkey, pumpkin pie, and watch football. Hah. As if we can’t do any of those things the rest of the year if we wanted to. That’s what freedom means.


180 The Old Song And Dance 26NOV2014 - 300dpi

The Old Song And Dance


Attempt number 2 at drawing my stories instead of taking photos. One thing I learned from a comic artist online is that he doesn’t ever draw or redraw. He had a bunch of pre-made pieces which he just assembled and re-assembled. Why work hard when you can work smart. But either way…

Here is a (sad) truth about me. I have written a lot of songs about my cats. Anytime I say “baby” or “Jesus,” I actually mean “kitty.” Here’s an example.

118 It's About Time 22MAR2011

“It’s About Time”

Audio only communication is soooo primitive. Ground based transportation and fossil fuels will be the next to go.
116 Goin Nowhere 05MAR2011

“Goin’ Nowhere”

It’s true. Aggie doesn”t really get along with George. She tolerates him, but whenever he tries to make friends she loses it and gets into a fighting mood. Except that the funny part is that she doesn’t fight. She just makes a lot of complaining noises while he harasses her. She tries to run, but he’s persistent. And more complaining noises. Finally George gets bored and she can have some peace and quiet…for 2 minutes.

“Pool Pals”

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Remember summer? Here’s a 3 pager for you.