236 Cigarette Break

Cigarette Break

#236 Cigarette Break

People always say that it’s “about the journey, not the destination.” All musicians know that band practice is a state of being. Also, being in a band is a state of being. Being, man, is BEING.

I’ve focused a lot on work topics lately, so I figured that I’d mix it up now.  It’s been a really long while since the strip talked about music. In fact, the first two strips (waaaaay back in 2014) were about music:

Nick’s Annual Playlist 2015-2016

Normally at the end of each year, just in time for Christmas, I create a compilation of songs that affected me that year — from old and new discoveries to favorites and obsessions. However, I lapsed in 2015, and in 2016 I got a little lazy. So this year, the playlist is in two parts. […]

Mrs. Brown’s Lovely Daughter and The First Date [EP]

That one time I produced an EP of my songs. Artist: Mrs. Brown’s Lovely Daughter | Album: The First Date [EP] Mrs. Brown’s Lovely Daughter was the natural evolution for my work as a musician following the break up of my college band, Monkey Porn Machine. Monkey Porn Machine When I first got to college, I […]

Shaken and Stirred

Shaken and Stirred


#200 Shaken & Stirred

Testing out a new a new lay for my 200TH comic! I saw somewhere online that vertically read strips are the it thing these days because of mobile optimization blah blah blah. But the truth of the matter is that listening to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” usually makes things better.

180 The Old Song And Dance 26NOV2014 - 300dpi

The Old Song And Dance


Attempt number 2 at drawing my stories instead of taking photos. One thing I learned from a comic artist online is that he doesn’t ever draw or redraw. He had a bunch of pre-made pieces which he just assembled and re-assembled. Why work hard when you can work smart. But either way…

Here is a (sad) truth about me. I have written a lot of songs about my cats. Anytime I say “baby” or “Jesus,” I actually mean “kitty.” Here’s an example.

179 Tuned Out 21NOV2014 - 300dpi

Tuned Out


Here is my attempt at actually drawing a comic. Kind of wanted to tell this joke, but didn’t have any photos to support it, nor did I want to stage a photo shoot.

Funny things about bands, not that I’m saying this is what’s happening with the dudes I’m playing with now, but there is always that fantasy of figuring out the other things rather than figuring out the content first.


Band Camp

My band, Mrs. Brown’s Lovely Daughter, now has music available for download. Check it out on http://mrsbrownslovelydaughter.bandcamp.com/