178 Silence of the Naps 16NOV2014 - 300dpi

Silence of the Naps

We (holler cat people!) all know that this process is never a fast one. AND it’s a process fraught by indecision. But in the end we (they) get what they want.

I do have to say that these are among my favorite afternoons. Diana likes to say when it’s nap time, “All animals on me!” Goddess of the hunt indeed. They listen to her.


163 Cupcake Yupcake 05SEP2014

Cupcake, Yupcake


If Diana’s parents had never visited last week, this cupcake photo may have become lost for all eternity.  The truth of the matter is that you never know when you’re going to accidentally photobomb a nice family moment.  Accidental photobombs are the best, am I right?
Dear Anya, I hope you see the photo one day and ask “WTF”? PS. That was one tasty cupcake.

115 Counting the Minutes 23FEB2011

“Counting the Minutes”

Hahaha. Gross. Pretty sure this violates Article 60 of the Bro Code.
Comic is a little late in posting because my dad’s birthday was last week. But he flat out asked me on the phone if I was going to make a comic for his birthday. I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I had to. Just had to. So here we are. Better late than never. Happy birthday Dad.

“From Foot to Mouth”

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At the risk of being weird, I’m going to tell you that meals in my family inevitably gravitate towards poop. We’re a bunch of potty mouths. But, COME ON! Poop is hilarious.

“Who Wants What?”

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Whelp, it looks like my 100th comic is a birthday comic for Sarah. Didn’t really have a lot of photos in my collection or a joke in mind. Happy birthday Sarah.

PS. This is technically the 102nd comic, since there were two prototype comics before I actually started counting.


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I’ll trade you the previously distasteful comic for this ultra-cute one about cats. Okay, it’s officially official: I’m a crazy cat man…more cat comics to come. Our neighbors have two kittens that they let run around everywhere, except inside their unit. I’m making friends with them and taking lots of photos. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and I might as well be thankful for people and stuff, like my family and friends and cats.

“Posed for Long”

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Thus begins a series of strips based on my little brother’s move to New York. He was accepted into the Colombia School of Music and will be working on a Masters for education…or something like that.

“Thoughts Bowlin’ Over”

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Seriously though, I think about cats ALL the friggin’ time. Also, the entire Christmas vacation the only song my sister would sing was “All The Single Ladies.” Come to think of it, that’s what this comic is about, what we think about all the time. Man, does this make us totally lame?
Here’s more proof that my brother thinks about Star Trek all the time…
There he is on the right. HAH!