She Takes the Cake

She Takes the Cake

#247 She Takes the Cake

My wife is a much better person that I am. There have been more than one occasion where I didn’t get to eat any cake…or even delicious party leftovers. I mean, I guess it’s just true that you can’t have a cake and eat it too. The point is, my wife takes the cake literally and figuratively.

And the cake saga continues.

Also, if you ever want a cake, you should find a way to contact me. Maybe I can convince her to make you a cake.

205 Feast of the Living

Feast of the Living


#205 Feast of the Living

Guilty as charged. Whenever I’m starving, I get grumpy and stop functioning. You do not want to be around me when I’m a hangry zombie…unless of course you decide to be my hero. Feed me chips and I’ll return to normal.

Also, never feed me chips. I turn into a gremlin.

“I Can Haz?”

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So, it didn’t occur to me to make a comic about the Oscars. I think I’ve fallen into the camp of people who don’t really care, especially the part where it’s a big deal what costumes people are wearing on the red carpet. Hmmm, red carpet…sounds like a joke about menstruation or pubic hair. Zing.
We keep trying to convince our parents that they should get a pet at home. Sister could do with something cuddly to take care of…or slimy if she’s in to reptiles.