The Do Overs Do Halloween!

What good is being in a band if you don’t play a show every now and then, right? The Do Overs will be casting a spell over the Silverlake Lounge this Halloween When: Monday, October 30th @ 11pm Where: Silverlake Lounge -2906 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026 Price: FREE!

“Goo Goo Over Gaga”

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So, on Saturday we went out to karaoke at the Silverlake Lounge and Jenny decided to test out the Lady Gaga tune…she sang the song 3 times. It was hilarious at first, but that’s how obsessions begin right? Good thing nobody else was there and we could all hog the mic.

“Smelly Good Time”

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Several people have mentioned that we are just like an older married couple because we don’t really go out or do anything. C’mon people?!?! Tell me that you’re ready to party evary day and evary night on the weekends after working a job. It only gets worse when you get older. Give me a hollaback my older-than-me friends.