243 Less Talk

Less Talk

#243 Less Talk

This is a continuation of the previous comic. I’m still surprised when I think about how little value management puts into communication and teamwork. Every now and then the question “why do you need to talk about the project” keeps coming up. Hm, I wonder why?

One thing that I’ve learned over the past 2 years is that communication within a team is extremely valuable. I thought it was just something you say because it sounds right. But after what I’ve been through, I thoroughly understand it.



239 The Big To-do

The Big To-do

#239 The Big To Do

I have to thank my friend and colleague Brian for the phrase “nuke and pave.” I mean, sometimes that’s all you can do. Sometimes there’s really no fixing something. Cut your losses and start over.

227 Project Requirements

Project Requirements

#227 Project Requirements

Growing up, Dilbert never really made much sense to me. But now that I’ve spent some time working in a couple different different industries and on different types of projects, it makes too much sense. Why is the workplace like this? Why do we always say yes to something before thinking about it first or, at the very least, give meaningful consultation on what can and/or should be done.

But it’s true.  It’s all true.

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