“Same Old, Same Old”

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These changes in priorities are making me a one note character in my own show. It’s a little depressing to think that all I do is one thing. And I don’t even do it that well. Sure, I can write some neat little tunes that are fun, but then what? I watch TV. I eat burgers. I drink beer. There’s nothing wrong with that right? Can I just enjoy a nice good sit? Being older and worrying about shit is not cool.

“Life of a Cat”

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My brother was telling me that there is a parasite the lives in cats. In order for this parasite to reproduce, it somehow manages to infect mice. This infection causes mice to have an affinity for cats rather than their normal behavior. Apparently, this parasite can live in humans and can possibly explain why we have crazy cat ladies. Though one study only found a correlation between this parasite and reckless driving.
Could this parasite have been the cause of me crashing my car months ago? Sounds like BS.

“Thoughts Bowlin’ Over”

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Seriously though, I think about cats ALL the friggin’ time. Also, the entire Christmas vacation the only song my sister would sing was “All The Single Ladies.” Come to think of it, that’s what this comic is about, what we think about all the time. Man, does this make us totally lame?
Here’s more proof that my brother thinks about Star Trek all the time…
There he is on the right. HAH!

“Lots of Nothing”

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Need to see more NOVA. It needs to be on every night with a new episode every night. I’d be okay forgetting about all my regular shows. Who cares about those shows anyway on TV anyway. People watch shows on the computer now…not TV. Should I get rid of my TV?

“Wish It Was Nap Time”

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Ugh. Mondays. It was a good weekend though. We went to see They Might Be Giants at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Saturday night. They were fantastic as usual. The entire performance was based on the Flood album. I think it’s their weirdest album.
Then on Sunday, we went to see Pirate Radio. It was okay. I get it though, rock music is a big deal. Afterwards we practiced our instruments.