“Karaoke Mike”

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You know what’s amazing? Those karaoke machines that are crammed into the microphone. Brilliant. Whatever Filipino invented that is karaoke-ing all the way to the bank. But seriously, don’t you just hate it when they don’t have the song you want to sing even though it’s super common and popular? Jerks.

“Thoughts Bowlin’ Over”

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Seriously though, I think about cats ALL the friggin’ time. Also, the entire Christmas vacation the only song my sister would sing was “All The Single Ladies.” Come to think of it, that’s what this comic is about, what we think about all the time. Man, does this make us totally lame?
Here’s more proof that my brother thinks about Star Trek all the time…
There he is on the right. HAH!

“Brothers Are Wii”

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Watching my brothers play video games is pretty hilarious. Things get heated really fast and it’s always the controller’s fault of the game doesn’t go right. I mean, c’mon! Friggin’ thing needs batteries. We tried to rent the new Mario Kart, but it was all sold out everywhere…So, monster truck racing had to do.
Later on my sister rented the Ghostbusters game from the library. Super cool, but too many cut scenes. Anyway, I’m running out of Christmas pictures to make comics from. Maybe we’ll be back to regular old jokes in February.