“Posed for Long”

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Thus begins a series of strips based on my little brother’s move to New York. He was accepted into the Colombia School of Music and will be working on a Masters for education…or something like that.


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Celebrate your victory Los Angeles by destroying shit and possibly stealing stuff. I need a new TV.

“Natural Gas”

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Hahah farts. Supposedly the buses in LA run on natural gas. Hahahah farts. Also, last night on the Cleveland Show he farted himself to the top. Hahaha farts.

Okay, back to work.

“Inna’s Turn”

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I don’t think I’m that critical of Inna’s driving. I’m still torn about the whole vehicle thing. On the one hand I feel free from the burden of that giant money sucking machine. I don’t really miss driving or the traffic. I can space out and enjoy the scenery. But on the other hand, I kind of miss getting to places quickly.

“Hold On To That Feelin'”

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We tried to catch the Purple Line two weeks ago, but it had stopped running at 11pm at night. Kind of awkward standing there waiting for a train that was never going to arrive. The worst part is that all over the subway are ads for doing stuff in Korea Town. Take the Purple Line they say. Well, please have the train run…even once an hour would’ve been fine. Oh well. Not that I take that Purple Line anywhere anyway. Though, Beverly Hills or Westwood would be a goods top to have.

“Crazy Bus”

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Last week was pretty rainy. So I bummed rides from my coworker and it totally spoiled my bus riding rhythm. Sorta forgot how much extra effort I need to put in to stay on schedule. Oh well.

“People Person”

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So, it’s pretty certain that I won’t be repairing my car any time soon. Apparently the other party spent more than my coverage on their repairs and now I have to pay out of pocket. Jerks. This really makes me one of the people.
I suddenly noticed yesterday as I was riding the subway, that a zillion people were getting on and off at each stop. Wow. Maybe it’s because I travel during rush hour, but Inna and I noticed the same thing around midnight last Saturday. GOOOOOO METRO!
Also, sorry about the lame Avatar joke in the comic. I still don’t see the reasoning behind calling the natives of the planet “The People.” People are giving Jimmy a lot of credit for his imagination…but really, “The People?” I probably would’ve settled for “Earth People” or “Forest People.”

“Relativistic Mass…Transit”

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I’m well into the third month of taking public transit everywhere, but unlike the comic, I don’t miss driving. Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy the convenience my automobile provides, but like the comic, I feel free from the slavery of the industry.
Once I get my car fixed, I might continue with transit. I can’t wait to be that old lady who only drives to church and the grocery.

“The Accident, Part 3”

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So, this is the last comic in this story arc. I know that puking rainbows is a little over used, but whatever. I don’t care. It’s funny to me and that’s what matters, right? Why am I even asking you if I don’t care.
Anyway, long story short, the insurance company said that I was at fault. I suck. And now I’m out of a car for a while. Oh no, I can drive it, I just can’t shut the windows.