Weather the Weather

“Weather the Weather” Overcast skies and overcast mind Over and under, through clouds of all kinds Whether to weather the weather or whether To blow the man down or keep it together The North Star you’ll stay, twinkling and bright These storms I can brave with your light every night – September 9, 2013

The Thought of it All

“The Thought of it All” Remembering a moment and savoring the thought A sweet, sublime melody cornered and caught Finely construed over the distance time passes The bluest of skies and the greenest of grasses This counterpoint nuanced and cadences written Oh, polished recall! Oh, memory smitten! – September 9, 2013

Yet Another Eternity

“Yet Another Eternity” The time sink of twilight thrusts forth An eternity of stasis. Streaked light, blurred sight, proves daunting The task of navigation at hand.