239 The Big To-do

The Big To-do

#239 The Big To Do

I have to thank my friend and colleague Brian for the phrase “nuke and pave.” I mean, sometimes that’s all you can do. Sometimes there’s really no fixing something. Cut your losses and start over.

238 Waiting


#238 Waiting

One of these days I’ll get a spy cam so that I can see what the animals are doing while we’re gone.  I’m sure it’s exactly like this.

237 Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls

#237 Gossip Girls

Continuing the theme from last week of how time easily slips by…

Most of these activities we pursue are pretty much just excuses to hang out. And bout 90% of the time I’m fine with that. But, you know, sometimes I’d actually like to do the thing that we gathered to do. What if? This is a dangerous question.


236 Cigarette Break

Cigarette Break

#236 Cigarette Break

People always say that it’s “about the journey, not the destination.” All musicians know that band practice is a state of being. Also, being in a band is a state of being. Being, man, is BEING.

I’ve focused a lot on work topics lately, so I figured that I’d mix it up now.  It’s been a really long while since the strip talked about music. In fact, the first two strips (waaaaay back in 2014) were about music:

235 Still In Bed

Still In Bed

#235 Still In Bed

I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again, and again, and again that one of the best feelings in the world is having a cat on you. Time stops. Enjoy the warmth. The weight. It’s an exercise in patience and stress management. Whatever you might have going on, have to do, or need to deal with can wait.

On a different note, in reality the roles in the comic are often switched.  My wife is usually the one who struggles with the idea of disturbing the cat by getting out of bed.  The cats don’t normally like to relax on me for an extended amount of time. There are only a few special conditions which allow it.

234 Any Minute Now

Any Minute Now

#234 Any Minute Now

Guys, I wrote this comic yesterday morning.  Sure, I’m reusing a bunch of panels from previous strips, but sometimes the story just writes itself. And here’s the funny thing: this LITERALLY HAPPENED to me in real life yesterday afternoon. You know the saying, “truth is stranger than fiction.”  You can’t make this kind of absurdity up.

The sad thing is that I knew a few weeks ago that there was a 90% chance this would happen.

233 Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

#233 Frequently Asked Question

My wife told me about some neighbor on her street growing up who would always walk around with a cat on his shoulder. She and her friends called him “Catmandoo”. That’s me.

I completely blame my friend from high school for my love of all things kitty. When we were roommates, she lured in the cutest little guy and adopted him. But eventually she had to move out and I was stuck with him, so I became his cat dad. I miss that little doodle.

Now, I’ve got a white prince and a little fatty. Check out my Instagram feed and you’ll see them.

One of my dreams is to retire and run a cat sanctuary…a cat farm.

Bonus hilarity:

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232 Love Is...

Love Is…

#232 Love Is…

Remember when the phrase “Netflix & chill” entered the vernacular? Sure it was a euphemism, but I don’t think the young’uns actually understand its implications completely. Maybe it’s because I’m well in my 30s…was it ever “DVD & chill” or “VHS & chill”?

Baby, all I want to do is to fall asleep while watching TV with you. Love is…


231 What Meow?

What Meow?

#231 What Meow?

Have you worked on something for so long that you actually begin to hate how it’s turning out? And sometimes all you can do is polish a turd. Sometimes all you can do is come to terms with polishing that turd until it’s so smeared and spread out that it’s just everywhere and a mess. I guess, if that’s what they’re paying me for, right?

Now to get used to the smell.

230 The Plan Is

The Plan Is

#230 The Plan Is

Continuing the same line of thought of the previous comic…it’s pretty annoying when the so called the management doesn’t actually manage. I mean, sometimes the answer that we underlings want or need to hear is “I’m not sure, let’s figure something out” along with a little bit of follow through once the plan has been decided on. But many times, it’s the “ignore a problem and it solves itself” mentality that prevails.  All I can say to get me through the day is, “whatever man.”

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