218 A Slave Girl to Fashion 29OCT2015 - 72dpi

A Slave Girl To Fashion

#218 Slave Girl For Fashion

My wife and I have an inside joke…that we’re the monster and I’m the robot. I should’ve drawn the boy character as C3P0 instead. Would’ve still made sense since he was Jabba’s slave too.

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Star Cats

#217 Star Cats

217 Star Cats page 1 215 Star Cats page 2

I think it’s so cool when my favorite comics or TV shows have Halloween episodes where all the characters are dressed up. So, I thought I’d give it a shot by drawing the characters as someone else. Right? I mean, why not do something more fantastical? And there’s nothing more fantastical than Star Wars. I hope you enjoyed it.

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215 Hounded Munch 26OCT2015 - 72dpi

Hounded Munch?

#215 Hounded Munch?

I usually don’t have too much of a problem sharing my stuff. But when it’s clear that you have your own and I have mine, I start to get a little frustrated.