229 Critical Errors

Critical Errors

#229 Critical Errors

I mentioned this in the last comic, but Dilbert has been really speaking to me lately. You guys don’t even know….sure, there is a fair bit of exaggeration, but there is always truth in hyperbole.

I just hope that if I ever become management, that I can actually be a good leader and to trust my subordinates.

But let’s talk about the Oscars for a second. How is it possible that the accountants/producers of the show not step in much sooner? It’s just like management to only act when they have to, right? And even still, they might just let someone else do the dirty work and take the credit.  Like, why did the La La Land dude be the one to make the announcement?

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Data At Work

Data At Work

#228 Data At Work

Is there something oddly satisfying about data entry? What about data management? I mean, at some point everything starts to run together. And every time that happens, I think about this.

227 Project Requirements

Project Requirements

#227 Project Requirements

Growing up, Dilbert never really made much sense to me. But now that I’ve spent some time working in a couple different different industries and on different types of projects, it makes too much sense. Why is the workplace like this? Why do we always say yes to something before thinking about it first or, at the very least, give meaningful consultation on what can and/or should be done.

But it’s true.  It’s all true.

Dilbert project requirements comic

225 So Many Emotions

So Many Emotions

#225 So Many Emotions

In the current state of affairs, I never really thought I could feel so many emotions. What is happening to the life that was promised? What happened to simply living the dream? How can you live the dream, when there is a fear that, at any moment, the ship can sink?

224 Ambush 08MAR2016 - 72dpi


#224 Ambush

In our neighborhood, there is a dumpster next some bushes. Whenever we walk the dog by there, we joke around that there is a rat named Trash Can Sam who lives in that dumpster. So, I figured what better way to introduce a new animal character than to have the dog discover someone. So, I wrote the script, but never made the comic.

A few months later, we walk the dog by the bushes and dumpster and the dog starts sniffing around. Suddenly, we hear some interested barking and a lot of startled squeaking. And out of nowhere a giant rat scurries out of the bushes and makes a mad dash along the sidewalk for the safety of the dumpster.

Folks, I predicted the future.

#223 Outside Space

Outside Space

#223 Outside Space

A continuation from the previous comic.

The real life version of this cat is always trying to escape. What does he hope to find outside? How will he deal with it? Everything outside is so alien.

222 New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution

#222 New Years Resolution

I can’t believe it either. But rather than wanting to do more, I just want to keep resting. Feel like I can’t get enough of it. Oh well.

However, today is Mardi Gras. So, you should definitely go out and do something. #yolo

221 Questions and Answers 01FEB2016 - 72dpi

Questions and Answers

#221 Questions & Answers

Conducting interviews is the worst. I can certainly ask questions and “get to know” someone, but when it comes down to deciding who is right for the team, I have no idea. Does it always boil down to gut feeling? Am I forgetting to consider all the factors?

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