145 Bat Affleck 26AUG2013

Bat Affleck


George, we all know that Batman has TWO dimensions: Batman and Bruce Wayne.  Duh.

142 A Serious Case 19AUG2013

A Serious Case


Apparently, this is what the vet told my friend, Lindsey, when she took Meatball for a check up.  That same vet said something similar to me years ago when I took in my old cat, Tucker, in for a check up.  He said that sometimes orange cats have mental problems.

Prayer for Kitty

“Prayer for Kitty” Pretty kitty, nice kitty Wherever you go Whoever you’ll meet God will guide always Your pink padded feet   All the kitty naps All the balls of yarn You’re God’s welcome guest At home on His lap Content, purring, blessed – August 15, 2013

140 Crazy Is The New Sane 13AUG2013

Crazy Is The New Sane


In addition, George is always up in Bubba’s business.  You know, writing poems, chivalrously throwing pie, holding hands at the movies, etc.  It’ll be beautiful if only Bubba would be open to it.